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Everybody’s Immune System has been tested during these winter months and because of COVID-19. Magnesium is a nutrient your body can’t do without and it assists your immune system with maintaining all its functions properly.

Magnesium reduces stress, increases energy, helps with weight loss, beats sugar craving, calms nerves and anxiety and helps with digestion. It’s a nutrient that the body relies upon for its core functions. It plays such an integral role in the body that every single human cell demands adequate magnesium to stay alive and thrive.

There’s eight different forms of magnesium that all function differently. Please consult your doctor about magnesium.

They are as follows:

Chloride: detoxing, metabolism and kidney function

Citrate: not recommended can cause health issues

Glycinate: nerve pain, leaky gut, great absorption rate

Malate: energizing, helps with fibromyalgia and muscle pain

Oxide: good in small doses throughout the day

Sulfate: best in your bath

Taurate: provides cardiovascular health

Threonate: assist with brain injuries, PTSD, depression, neuro conditions and anxiety.

These are the foods I have been eating in abundance because they are rich in magnesium; bananas, yellow corn, avocado, cashews, asparagus, beans spinach pumpkin seeds and yogurt just to name a few.

I prefer to eat foods rich in magnesia instead of taking pills. Which one for you prefer? Make sure you consult your doctor regarding magnesium and what form is best for you,

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