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Who will do something?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We have to say something and do something. This too should be considered a Pandemic. On every new channel, fb page, YouTube page, every everything. But sadly it’s not..

Where are the conspiracy theorist now?🤔🤔.

Where are the tough guys now?😢😢

Where are all the young men making videos saying they will do this and that if anybody disrespects them, their”hood” or what they stand for? I don’t 👂🏾👂🏾anything. I don’t 👀👀 nobody oh no tough guys oh ok.. Where are all the videos at talking about police brutality? So saying you should’ve or would’ve helped if you could’ve. Serves absolutely no purpose. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve is only good for horseshoes. These are real lives being lost. I got it, I got it ppl are praying about this just like everything else. However, everyday ppl are loosing their lives for no valid reason. Makes me truly wonder : Who is really praying Who are they praying to How much longer for an answer or some help..

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